Applying items & assemblies

Learn how to apply items and assemblies to single measures and folders with measurements

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How to apply items and assemblies?

  1. Activate the Apply button placed at the top of your drawing area near the Settings button. The button you need is the last one there.

  2. Select a measurement or a group with measurements you'd like to apply your entities to.

  3. Once these two steps are completed, you'll see the menu, where you can apply your entities. By dragging, you can place the menu at any position in the working area you need.

  4. To open the list with items and assemblies you have, click on the button placed at the top right of this menu.

  5. Click on the relevant item/assembly and it'll be immediately applied to the measurement or folder. You can check whether the item/assembly is now applied to your group by seeing an arrow icon near it in the Measurements manager.

While assigning item/assembly to a folder, all the assigned items and assemblies will be distributed to all folders and measurements located in the folders. This will be reflected by a special icon.

📝 Note!

You can also apply items/assemblies to several measurements or folders simultaneously. To do this, simply select all the necessary elements & apply relevant entities. The same logic works for editing measurements or folders with applied entities.

Once all the required items and assemblies are applied, go ahead with creating a report. Read here how to do that.

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