What is an Item?

Clear explanation of what Kreo means by the Item term & its usage

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What is an Item?

An item is a combination of properties, with the help of which you're able to get specific geometry, material, labour, equipment or cost. Item already carries an applied meaning, that provides a connection between all the properties included in it. Item can be applied to measurements to get the necessary values or to create an assembly of several items, which can also be applied to a measurement.

How can an item be used in Kreo 2D Takeoff?

An item helps to transform all your takeoff data into a structured unit, which will be further revealed in reports or estimates.

You can apply an item to a measurement or a folder to get values based on a measurement or combine items into an assembly.

An item is created from properties, for which you can set default values, formulas, etc. One property can refer to another property of this item. Also, the properties of one item can refer to the properties of another item. For this purpose, they need to be combined in an assembly.

Let's imagine that we have 2 items: one for concrete and one for formwork. Each of them contains only 3 properties: Quantity, Rate and Total cost. In the Quantity property of each of them, there's a formula-reference to volume, and area, respectively. But there are no such properties in our items. Then we will make 1 more additional "Geometry" Item, which will calculate Area and Volume. After that, we will put these 3 items in 1 assembly.

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