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Specify a starting point for your future measurement & let Kreo do all the rest for you

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What is AI Suggest?

AI Suggest is a unique tool developed by Kreo’s Machine Learning department, that is able to predict a specific measurement you're willing to create from the very first point you specify. AI Suggest is not a simple script or code, it is a self-learning algorithm, which enhances with each new time you use it.

📝 Note!

  1. AI Suggest works for polygon measures only!

  2. AI Suggest works for both blueprints & image files.

How to use AI Suggest

  1. Enable AI Suggest by either using shortcut A or clicking on its icon placed at the top right near the Auto Measure tool. The indicator that the tool is enabled is a point near the Polygon measurement tool.

  2. Select the polygon tool, go to your drawing & insert the first point for your future polygon. In a few seconds, you'll see a measurement suggested by the tool.

  3. If the measurement suits you, right click & press "Create with AI Suggest". You can also use Enter instead.

  4. If the measurement suggested by the tool is not relevant to you, try to add one more point or start the same measurement from another point. It usually takes some time to get the logic of how the algorithm works.

  5. Once you're done with the tool, switch it off by either pressing on AI Suggest icon once again or by using shortcut A, which can switch the tool on or off.

📝 Note!

AI suggest provides better results if you set the next polygon point counterclockwise.

Below there're two examples to help you better understand which results you're likely to get by clicking on specific points:

The video below explains the general logic of AI Suggest & shows how the tool works in practice.

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