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How to create the "Single Select" property
How to create the "Single Select" property

The single select property represents a dropdown menu, where you can select a property at a time

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Properties are inputs for Items and Assemblies. This is the first step before creating an Item or an Assembly.

After you apply properties in Item or Assembly, they'll be transformed into a column in the Items report.

How to create the "Single Select" property

  1. Go to the Assemblies Database page and open the Properties tab there

  2. Press the New button -> select the Single Select type

  3. Set a name for your property (the field is mandatory)

    The name must be unique

  4. Specify the property's Unit

  5. Specify the Group (the field is mandatory)
    To create a group, perform the following steps:

    1. Press "Group" on the input field

    2. Name the group

    3. Press the Create button

      The group will be saved. Next time, you can simply select it from the list

  6. Let's add an option by pressing "Add value"

  7. Insert the relevant data into the Value field

  8. Create an additional Value field. You will be able to add a new custom value to this list at the item/assembly creation step

  9. Additionally, you can choose Default value from the list, which has been created (by default, value is the first one)

  10. Hit the Create button to create a new property

  11. Once the Property has been created, it'll appear in the Properties tab inside the group you've specified when creating a property

How to edit a property?

  1. Click on the row as it's shown on the screenshot below:

  2. Make all the necessary edits & press Save

  3. To duplicate or delete your property, right click on it & select the relevant option

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