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Learn how to create, edit and work with your properties in the app

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To create and edit properties, you need to open the Assemblies Database tab on the main project page in Kreo 2D Takeoff first.

What is a property?

Read this article to find out what we mean by the "Property" term.

How to create a property?

  1. Open the Properties Base inside the Assemblies Database

  2. Press the New button at the top right of the page & select the property type you need to create

  3. Insert a name for your future property and select a suitable unit
    Here you can check all units supported in Kreo 2D Takeoff.

  4. Then add your property to an already existing group or create a new one

  5. And, finally, set a default value or formula for a property

  6. Now press the Create button at the top right of the panel and you'll see the property appeared in the Properties base.

📝 Note!

Our algorithm will automatically identify & show whether the formula you've inserted is correct or it will highlight the mistakes you need to fix.

How to edit a property?

In order to edit any previously created property, you need to click on the Expand icon near the property's name & click on the row with the property's data which appears.

Once you're happy with edits, press Save at the top right of the panel.

📝 Note!

You can easily edit a property and change any of its fields, however, you can't change the type of the already created property. In this case, you need to create a new property with a different type.

Operations available with properties

Aside from simple operations, such as Expand all / Collapse all / Reset columns / Autosize all columns, you can also:

  • Duplicate properties

  • Delete properties

  • Create new groups

To perform any of these operations, right click on the necessary property and select the relevant operation.

Set your view in the Properties Base

  1. Leave only necessary properties in your view by filtering them. To do this, hover over the name of any column and click on the icon which appears. There select the filter icon and (un)tick the relevant columns.

  2. You can also set your view in the Properties base and remove unnecessary columns or add some. To do this, hover over the name of any column and click on the icon which appears. There select the last option and (un)tick the relevant columns.

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