Dynamic Table to Cell

Transfer the folder's data into the spreadsheet and group it according to a custom preset you need

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The Dynamic Table to Cell feature allows you to transfer the folder's data into the spreadsheet and group it according to your custom preset. The preset automatically updates once the data inside is modified.

How to use the feature?

  1. Right click on the necessary folder or measurement and choose "Dynamic Table to Cell".

  2. Then press "Add preset".

  3. Set your future preset's name on the top left of the Presets window.

  4. In the "Settings" field, you can also choose whether to show column names and total values in your future report.

  5. In the "Properties" field, tick properties you'd like to transfer to the spreadsheet from the following list:

    • File's name

    • Page's name

    • Group breakdown

    • Parent group

    • Measurement name

    • Area

    • Perimeter

    • Length

    • Count

  6. In the "Breakdown" field, you'll see all the properties which you've added to the preset. There, you can also change properties' order by dragging & dropping them to the relevant position.

  7. Once all the steps are completed, press the "Create" button at the top of the Presets window.

  8. Now your first preset is created! Repeat the 1st step once again and apply the preset you've just created.

The preset's data dynamically changes in the spreadsheet itself if it's modified.

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