Select Measurements tool

Measure your drawing and then quickly add all the necessary measurements to the spreadsheet within a few minutes

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"Select measurements" mode helps you to quickly add all necessary measurements to the spreadsheet in a couple of minutes. Simply enable the mode, select a cell, then select measurement and repeat this action until all measurements are in the spreadsheet.

How to use the feature?

To enable the "Select measurements" mode, either click on the button placed on the right side of your working area or press the "S" button.

To add a measurement to the spreadsheet, select the relevant cell there first, then click on the measurement.

To finish adding measurements, either press "S" or "Escape".

πŸ“ Note!

  1. Using this mode, you can add measurements to the spreadsheet only when the "Select measurements" option is enabled.

  2. When the "Select Measurements" button is active, you can also click on the measurement label of any item to add the measurement to your spreadsheet. In such a case, the area of the relevant item will be added there.

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