What is the File Manager?

File Manager is the storage for your PDF, CAD drawings and image files. Also, here you can set up any kind of folder structure suitable for you.

How to access the File Manager?

The File Manager is hidden by default. You will see only the Quick Access panel at the very top of your project area in Kreo 2D Takeoff, where all your open pages are shown. Once you click on the plus button placed on the panel, the File Manager opens.

What can I do in the File Manager?

  • Upload more files to the existing project

    Press the "Upload New Files" button on the bottom of the File Manager, if you need to add new files to the existing project.

  • Rename files
    Hover over the drawing's name and click on the pen icon near it.

  • Remove files
    Hover over the drawing's name and click on the bin icon.

  • Filter files
    Click on the filter icon at the top of the File manager and filter your files to ones with or without measurements inside.

  • Create new folders
    Click on the "Create an empty folder" button placed at the top left of the File Manager.

  • Create a custom folder structure
    Create any kind of nested structure you need by dragging your files and folders to the necessary level.

  • Create folders in folders
    Hover over the folder's name and click on the folder button.

  • Load new files into existing folders
    Hover over the folder's name and click on the plus button.

  • Work in the full-screen mode
    Press the full-screen button placed at the top right of the File Manager.

  • Duplicate specific pages
    Press the menu button on the relevant page and select the option.

  • Completely remove unnecessary pages
    While working with multi-paged documents, you can delete unnecessary pages from the app. To do this, click on the menu button placed at the bottom of each page and select the "Delete" option there.

  • Select or deselect all the files
    Click on the relevant option at the top of the File Manager.

  • Select whole folders

    When adding several drawings to a particular folder, you can see them all in the File Manager if you click on the folder and add them immediately to the Quick Access panel by using the "Select all" option.

Prefer video format?

Check out this quick tutorial below 👇

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