Purpose of the drawing settings:

Use the drawing settings to set up the most comfortable working flow for you in our application.

How to find the drawing settings:

The "Settings" icon is placed at the top left of the working page in Kreo 2D Takeoff.

Drawing settings available:

  • Snapping:
    Helps to tie the point to an angle, a line or any other item in the drawing. Use this setting for a more precise selection of points when working with the tools in our app.

  • Black and white mode:
    Use this setting to make all the items on the drawing in black and white.

  • Rotate:
    Rotate your drawings at 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

  • Night Mode:
    Use this setting to enable the night mode of the drawing.

  • Keep Names:
    Enable the setting to keep the measurements initial names when duplicating, copying or cutting.

  • Auto Focus:
    Use the setting to automatically focus on a measurement when selecting it from the Measurements manager.

  • Opacity:
    Change the drawing's transparency. The maximum value is set by default.

  • Full Screen:
    Hide the spreadsheet when you don't need it and work with your drawings in full-screen mode.

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