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What is "Project" in Kreo 2D Takeoff?

Project is the main working unit in Kreo 2D Takeoff corresponding to the real project you're working on, which can consist either of a single file or a great number of files depending on the size & complexity of your real project.

Which files can users upload?

Kreo 2D Takeoff allows you to upload PDF, DWG, DXF, DWF, DGN, PNG, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, EMF, GIF files to get all the relevant measurements and create a final takeoff report right in the app.

How to create a project?

  1. Once you sign in, navigate to the left top of the page. There you will see the option "Create Project".

  2. Click on it and select the option "Upload". Then choose the necessary file or a set of files. Or just drag and drop your files to the app. You can also upload multiple files simultaneously.

  3. Now you need to wait a bit while the selected files are being uploaded. At this point, you can insert the name of your future project.

  4. The "Create project" button will be highlighted in green as soon as the file is uploaded.

  5. Once you click on it, the project opens.

πŸ“ Note!

Applicable for Team plan: when you are creating the project, you can immediately share it with employees within your company. To do this, press the button "Invite people" and select the relevant employees.


Folders for projects

You're also able to group files of your future project in Kreo 2D Takeoff into relevant folders at the stage of its creation. This is easily achievable with the help of folders for the project level feature.

Utilising it, you can quickly create a folder for your future project and load your files there directly to have an ordered structure of your workspace in our app.

πŸ“ Note!

You can create any nested structure of folders required or to move already existing projects to newly added folders.

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