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Modify measurements

Modify existing measurements and adjust the Auto Measure results in the way you need with the help of the Modify tool

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Modify tool allows you to:

  1. Modify existing measurements in the way you need;

  2. Adjust the Auto Measure results.

How to enable the modify mode

To enable the measurement modification mode, right click on the relevant measurement on the drawing and select the Modify feature from the context menu.

How to select points

To select points, click on them or circle them with the left mouse button being held down.

To select or unselect several points simultaneously, hold down Ctrl/Cmd.

Modify your measurements in the following way:

  • Move points to the position you need
    To move points, enable the polygon or polyline modification mode, select one point or multiple points, hold the points and drag them to the necessary place.

  • Multi select points
    Select multiple points simultaneously, after which you can easily drag or remove them all at once.

  • Align points relative to others
    Select the points you would like to align and choose the necessary option out of the following in the pop-up menu:

    • Left

    • Right

    • Top

    • Bottom

  • Remove unnecessary points
    Select the point you would like to remove and choose the "Delete" option in the pop-up menu or press "Delete" / "Backspace" on the keyboard.

  • Add extra points
    Hover over the measurement and click on it in the necessary place and an extra point will be immediately added there.

How to exit the mode

Click on an empty space on the drawing or press "Escape".

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