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Auto Measure defines all the areas and elements on your drawings and groups them by type just in a couple of minutes

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What is the Auto Measure?

Auto Measure is the AI-powered feature, which defines all the areas and elements on your drawings and groups them by type in several minutes after the tool is launched.

With the help of machine learning, Kreo Software is able to recognise most parts of elements in your drawings, classify them into relevant groups (eg. walls, doors, stairs, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.) and automatically define the measurement values for each element.
Thus, the Auto Measure allows you to save time on measuring each element in the drawing. All you need to do is dedicate your time to validation and, if necessary, adjust the results.

The Auto Measure is run by a user's request. Switch the mechanism on or off to your convenience. Usually, it takes a couple of minutes for the system to process all the data and prepare the results. You can also re-run Auto Measure if required.

Auto Measure Peculiarities

  • Works for residential floorplans only

  • Applicable for vector graphics only

  • You can launch the tool for both a selected page of the file and for the whole project

  • Choose which measurement groups you would like to get as output and run Auto Measure only for specific elements, rather than for the whole drawing

  • Once the Auto Measure is finished, all the measurements appear automatically in the drawing, also you receive its results in a proper structure in the Measurements manager and a structured report in the spreadsheet area

Auto Measure provides the following results:


  • Rooms — grouped by room type

  • Flats

  • GIA

  • NIA / NSF

  • GEA / GSF


  • Doors — grouped by position (internal or external) and then by width

  • Windows — grouped by width

  • Walls — grouped by position (internal or external)

  • Openings

📝 Note!

The width of the elements for dividing them into relevant groups is being calculated ONLY once according to the CURRENT scale & unit system indicated (Metric or Imperial one).
Thus, make sure you indicated the necessary scale & unit system before running the Auto Measure.

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