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Create an account in 2D Takeoff and save your time and effort in our fast and easy-to-use cloud construction takeoff software.

Follow the steps below to activate your account

  1. Use this sign-up link to start the registration process.

  2. Fill in the fields with your email, first name, last name and company name. Create a password and agree to the Term of Service.

  3. Now you are signed up!
    There is a choice of two Kreo solutions on the product page.
    Select 2D Takeoff there.

  4. Then you'll be taken to the pricing plans selection page.
    Choose the most suitable pricing plan for you there and press the button "Start 7-day free trial" to start the setup.

  5. For Team plan: set the number of teammates you would like to have in your team.

  6. Now let's switch on relevant add-ons ⚙️ You can learn more about all Kreo add-ons in this article.

    📝 Note!

    All add-ons are available for free during your trial regardless of whether you've added them to your account. This is done to give all our users the opportunity to try the add-ons and make a proper decision around them.

  7. Select your country from the dropdown list.

    💡 If there's no your country on the list, give us a shout & we will add it shortly 🚀

  8. After that, insert your company's VAT number / Sales Tax (the tax for goods and services applied by certain countries).

    📝 Note! The VAT specification step is optional. Skip it, if you don't have it.

  9. Insert your card details and press the "Apply" button.

    💡 Don't worry! Your card won't be charged until the end of the 7-day free trial and you will be able to cancel anytime prior to that!

  10. Don't forget to press the button "Start 7-day free trial" when all the data is inserted.

  11. Your trial is active now. Your card won't be charged until the trial is over.
    Enjoy Kreo 2D Takeoff! 💝

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