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Comments and notifications
Comments and notifications
Communicate live with your teammates directly in Kreo. Share your thoughts by leaving comments and mentioning colleagues right in the app.
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What is Comments?

Thanks to the Comments feature you’re able to communicate live with your teammates not leaving Kreo. This is a great way to always keep up-to-date and reduce the number of in-person meetings. Share your thoughts and notes by leaving comments and mentioning colleagues right in the app.

Where can I leave comments?

You can start discussions by leaving comments in the following parts of Kreo Software:

  • Project

  • Drawing

  • Report

At the top of every comment, you’ll see a special icon reflecting which part of Kreo the comment is added to. Near the icon, there’s the name of your project, drawing or report with the cell name. It helps you to easily check where the comment was left.

How to add comments?

For the whole project:

  1. Click on the comments icon at the top right area of Kreo and the Comments tab opens. There select the option “Create Discussion” and start typing.

  2. Click on the arrow near the project name at the top of your working area in Kreo and select “Add Comment”.

For the drawing & report areas:

Right click on your drawing or report in any place and select the option “Add Comment”.


You can easily mention your teammates in the relevant conversation.

To do this, start adding a comment and use @ for mentioning others. When the teammate is mentioned, the person automatically gets a notification that he was mentioned.

📝 Note!

If you’re mentioned in the conversation, you’ll get all notifications about this conversation.


There’re 5 types of notifications in Kreo:

  1. A new thread in a conversation is created

  2. A new comment is added

  3. You have been added to the existing thread

  4. Someone has resolved a conversation

  5. Someone has reopened the existing conversation

You’ll get notifications about the relevant conversation in the following cases:

  1. When you’re mentioned in this conversation

  2. When you’re a creator of this conversation


You can quickly find the relevant conversation by filtering them. Filter is located at the very top of the Comments area.

There’re the following types of filters:

  • All comments

  • For You - only comments you’ve been mentioned in

  • Open comments

  • Resolved comments

Add emoji to comments

You can add emoji in your comments by typing the : sign in the comment and selecting a relevant emoji.

Resolve & reopen conversations

When the question is settled, close your conversation by clicking on the green tick at the top right corner of the conversation.

📝 Note!

Only a creator of a conversation is able to resolve it.

To reopen a conversation, you can write something in it or click on the minus icon at the top right corner of the conversation.

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