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Templates for projects add-on
Templates for projects add-on
Structure your data and provide consistency for any of your projects
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What is the Templates for projects add-on?

Templates for projects is a unique add-on, that helps you to get rid of routine tasks when creating a project. You’re able to create a template from the already existing project or create a new template from scratch. Templates for projects help to structure your data and provide consistency for any of your projects. Templates are easy to update and edit.

Add-on's benefits

  • Work together on a single template

  • Save time and avoid errors from mechanical operations

  • Templates are easy to update by adding new best practice solutions and fixing bugs

  • Connect the folder structure and the report by making relevant links. Then, in the project, measurements will fall immediately into the right place of the report automatically

  • Create a single structure for all employees. It is easier to understand projects when everyone does the same

    Check the video below to learn how the add-on works 👇

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