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Templates for projects add-on
Templates for projects add-on

Structure your data and provide consistency for any of your projects

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Important changes from October 19th 2023!

  1. All Kreo add-ons are available only for users who started their subscription for Kreo Software before October 19th 2023.

  2. If you have any of the add-ons added to your plan, you still can remove it from your package at any time, but you won't be able to get it back after removal.

What is the Templates for projects add-on?

Templates for projects is a unique add-on, that helps you to get rid of routine tasks when creating a project. You’re able to create a template from the already existing project or create a new template from scratch. Templates for projects help to structure your data and provide consistency for any of your projects. Templates are easy to update and edit.

Add-on's benefits

  • Work together on a single template

  • Save time and avoid errors from mechanical operations

  • Templates are easy to update by adding new best practice solutions and fixing bugs

  • Connect the folder structure and the report by making relevant links. Then, in the project, measurements will fall immediately into the right place of the report automatically

  • Create a single structure for all employees. It is easier to understand projects when everyone does the same

    Check the video below to learn how the add-on works 👇

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