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Legend & Annotation tools add-on
Legend & Annotation tools add-on

Learn all the benefits of the Annotation tools add-on

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Important changes from October 19th 2023!

  1. All Kreo add-ons are available only for users who started their subscription for Kreo Software before October 19th 2023.

  2. If you have any of the add-ons added to your plan, you still can remove it from your package at any time, but you won't be able to get it back after removal.

What is the Annotation tools add-on?

The Annotation Tools helps you to save a drawing legend on PDF export, easily collaborate with your colleagues, check and supervise the work completed without leaving the software.

Add-on's structure

The add-on is a set of 4 powerful features:

  • Drawing legend, which is the top feature of the add-on.

  • Along with the legend, we've included 3 more annotation tools in the add-on as a delighter for you.
    They are sticky notes, dimension line & symbols library.

Let's expand on each of the features in detail...

Drawing Legend

Visualize the measurement data available on the drawing page and save a key to your drawings when exporting them to PDF utilising this tool.

When adding a legend to your drawing, you'll see a table with the following columns:

  • Folder name — all the data comes from the parent folder

  • Area

  • Perimeter

  • Length

  • Count

Once you're adding new measurements to your drawing, all the changes will be reflected in the legend.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Note is the easiest way to quickly save your comments and suggestions for your team members or leave important notes and ideas for later so that you and all the team always stay up-to-date.

Dimension Line

Dimension Line is a fast way to understand how long or wide the element or area is, check the accuracy of measurements or adjust the scale.

Built-in Symbols Library

Symbols Library is the built-in storage of solid and multi-coloured symbols, which help you to make quick comments or hints for yourself and the team without leaving the software.

📝 Note!

You can easily save all created dimension lines and sticky notes when exporting marked-up drawings into PDF format.

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