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Learn all the benefits of the Auto Measure add-on

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Important changes from October 19th 2023!

  1. All Kreo add-ons are available only for users who started their subscription for Kreo Software before October 19th 2023.

  2. If you have any of the add-ons added to your plan, you still can remove it from your package at any time, but you won't be able to get it back after removal.

What is the Auto Measure add-on?

Auto Measure is the AI-powered add-on, which defines all the areas and elements on your drawings and groups them by type in several minutes after the tool is launched.

Add-on's peculiarities

  • Works for residential floorplans only

  • Applicable for vector graphics only

Add-on's benefits

  • Choose which measurement groups you would like to get as output and run Auto Measure only for specific elements, rather than for the whole drawing

  • You receive the following areas: rooms — grouped by room type; flats; GIA; NIA/NSF & GEA/GSF

  • You receive the following elements: doors — grouped by position (internal or external) and then by width; windows — grouped by width; walls — grouped by position (internal or external) & openings

  • Once Auto Measure is finished, you receive its results in a proper structure in the Measurements manager and a structured report in the Spreadsheet area

  • You can launch the tool for both a single page and for the whole project and re-run Auto Measure if required

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