Auto Measure add-on
Learn all the benefits of the Auto Measure add-on
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What is the Auto Measure add-on?

Auto Measure is the AI-powered add-on, which defines all the areas and elements on your drawings and groups them by type in several minutes after the tool is launched.

Add-on's peculiarities

  • Works for residential floorplans only

  • Applicable for vector graphics only

Add-on's benefits

  • Choose which measurement groups you would like to get as output and run Auto Measure only for specific elements, rather than for the whole drawing

  • You receive the following areas: rooms — grouped by room type; flats; GIA; NIA/NSF & GEA/GSF

  • You receive the following elements: doors — grouped by position (internal or external) and then by width; windows — grouped by width; walls — grouped by position (internal or external) & openings

  • Once Auto Measure is finished, you receive its results in a proper structure in the Measurements manager and a structured report in the Spreadsheet area

  • You can launch the tool for both a single page and for the whole project and re-run Auto Measure if required

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