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How do add-ons work?
How do add-ons work?

The article describes the platform's subscription logic covering add-ons structure & benefits

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What is an add-on in Kreo 2D Takeoff?

Add-on is additional functionality that is not included in our pricing plans. This is done, as we suppose that each of our plans has sufficient powerful functionality for preparing quality takeoffs & estimates not leaving the platform.

The add-ons are created to advance your workflow even further.

At the same time, we're not enforcing users to pay for add-ons. You can buy one or several add-ons based on your needs.

Basically, each pricing plan in our product consists of 2 components:

  • Basic functionality according to the plan you've subscribed to

  • Add-ons you've added

πŸ“ Note!

All add-ons are available for free during your trial regardless of whether you've added them to your account. This is done to give all our users the opportunity to try the add-ons and make a proper decision around them.

When & how can I buy an add-on?

You can add the relevant add-on to your subscription at any stage! You can try our basic functionality first and then decide whether you'd like to enhance your flow with the help of an add-on.

To buy an add-on, you need to simply click on your profile icon at the top right of the software & open the "Billing" tab there. Then switch the necessary add-on and it'll be added to your plan right away!

In a similar way, you can remove an add-on from your account.

Add-ons available

Here is the list of add-ons available. Click on the necessary add-on to learn more about it:

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