Styles for measurements

In our application, there're a lot of ways you can easily customize your measurement styles to the level you need

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How can I customize my measurements?

Here below we're listing the options available for measurement customization:

  • Colour

  • Style

  • Stroke width

You can customize your measurements both right before a measurement creation or at any working stage after a measurement has been created.

To customize your measurements before their creation, select the relevant measurement tool and pay attention to the panel directly above your drawing. There you'll see the colour icon. When clicking on it, you can customize all the 3 options described above.

To set measurement styles at any working stage, right click on the required measurement & select the "Styles" option.

In Kreo 2D Takeoff, you're able to add any custom colour you need for the entire project. The feature works for measurements, folders, reports and files.

Colours are divided into the following groups:

  • Default colours: colours that are offered by our default colour scheme

  • Custom colours: colours you can select in the colour palette or by specifying its number (hex, rgb, hsl)

  • Used colours: colours you've already used in your projects

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