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My drawings don't load, what to do?
My drawings don't load, what to do?

Unfortunately, sometimes such problems happen. This article will help you to solve any issue similar to that.

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There are several reasons for a file is not being loaded in 2D Takeoff:

  1. Internet outages;

  2. Issues with the file itself;

  3. Issues with the browser's cache.

In such cases, we recommend you immediately inform us via the in-app chatbot or by shooting us a message to the email Then our support team will get back to you asap.

We're also leaving below a quick instruction for you to follow once you're facing a similar issue:

Check your internet speed

Here is the service you can use to do that:

The internet speed must exceed 10 Mbps.

Issues with the file itself

You need to check whether it opens in other applications at first.

If it does open, contact our support, please.

Browser's cache

Sometimes you also need to clear your browser's cache.

We're attaching the necessary instructions below.

Simply select the browser you're using for accessing 2D Takeoff below and complete all the steps mentioned there:

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