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Formulas and functions
Rules for working with formulas and functions
Rules for working with formulas and functions

Enjoy more than 250 formulas & functions supported in our all-in-one takeoff tool

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πŸ“ Note!
Enable the functions in one of the following ways:

  1. Press the "Formulas" button in the menu, located in the very top of the Online Spreadsheet.

  2. Insert the relevant function manually right in the cell.

Step-by-step guide for manual inserting of formulae:

  1. Start with the β€œ=” sign.

  2. Insert the relevant function right after the β€œ=” sign.

  3. Insert the formulas itself in round brackets "( )"

  4. Divide the values within a formula using the sign ","

  5. Press the "Enter" button to get the result.

Thus, the formula will have the following look:

=min ( a1, c1)

Examples of formulas & functions currently supported in 2D Takeoff:

=max (a1, b1, c1)

=min (a1, b1, c1)

=average (a1, b1, c1)

=count (a1, b1, c1)

=round (x, y), where x is the cell's name / the value itself / another function / a mathematical expression, and y is a number showing the amount of decimal places, eg. round (3467263.77, -3)

= a1-c1

= a1+b1+c1

= a1*b1

= a1/b1

Helpful to remember:

  1. The function's value can be either a reference to a cell / range of cells, or the value itself (number / measurement).

  2. The formula is updated as soon as the cell used in this formula has been changed.

  3. There’s no difference whether you insert the value starting from a capital letter or not.

  4. Mathematical operations supported by Kreo can be used as the formula's argument. They are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, as well as the use of brackets.

Most common mistakes done in inserting formulas:

The formula's result will be "Invalid" in the following cases:

  1. The argument contains the following values:

    1. 2 3 (a space is inserted)

    2. B3 0.25 (a space is inserted)

    3. 3..33333 (2 dots are inserted)

    4. Text is inserted. Exception: the Count option!

  2. The argument is the link to the invalid cell.

  3. The rules for inserting formulae were violated, eg. the sign "=" has not been used at the beginning.

  4. The functions count/min/max/average/sum are used as the argument. In such a case you need to refer to the relevant cell with these calculations.

πŸ“ Note!

  1. Relative copying for formulas is also available in 2D Takeoff. You can easily copy a spreadsheet's cells together with all the data inside.

  2. All formulas are being preserved while exporting to Excel and importing Excel files to the software.

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