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Customize your spreadsheet
Customize your spreadsheet

Customize text of your spreadsheet to the extent you need

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In Kreo 2D Takeoff, you're able to customize your spreadsheet in the way you need with the help of the following options:

  • Bold - make the selected value bold

    • Shortcut → Ctrl+B

  • Italic - italicise the selected value

    • Shortcut → Ctrl+I

  • Underline - underline the selected value

    • Shortcut → Ctrl+U

  • Strikethrough - strike through the selected value

    • Shortcut → Ctrl+Shift+S

  • Modify the value's size in the cells of your spreadsheet

  • Alignment - align the value of the selected cell to the left, right or middle

  • Fill colour - set background colour of the selected cell

  • Text colour - set colour of the selected cell

  • Cut - cut the selected value

    • Shortcut → Ctrl+X

  • Copy - copy the selected value

    • Shortcut → Ctrl+C

  • Paste - paste the selected value

    • Shortcut → Ctrl+V

  • Delete - remove the selected text or value

  • Clear formatting - clear formatting of the selected cell

You can enable any of the operations listed above in the menu, placed at the very top of the Spreadsheet area.

📝 Note!

  1. For the options "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste" only:
    you can also invoke these options by right-clicking on the relevant cell.

  2. "Delete" option can be invoked by right-clicking on the relevant cell only.

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