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Scale for drawings
Scale for drawings

Scale your drawings in a proper way and receive the most accurate measurements possible

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What do I need the Scale for?

Only when the drawing is scaled properly you will receive the most correct measurements possible.

Scale your drawing once, when you open it for the first time and completely forget about inaccurate results.

How to set up the Scale for my drawings?

Pay attention to the left bottom of the drawing area. You will see the option "Scale" there.

There are two ways of manual scaling a drawing in Kreo 2D Takeoff:

  1. Calibrate scale:
    To scale the page using the Calibrate scale, you need to draw a line and enter a physical distance. Press "Enter" to finish the scaling process.

  2. Standard scale:
    To scale the page using the Standard scale, you need to specify the scale and size of the drawing.

As soon as this process is over, all the measurements in the drawing will be correct.

๐Ÿ“ Note!

Any time you are changing the scale, all your measurements will be automatically recalculated.

Aside from the usual manual scale, Kreo offers two more AI-charged options:

Scale suggested by AI

You donโ€™t need to set up scale manually for each drawing anymore!
Our AI-powered algorithm automatically suggests a scale for a particular drawing depending on its peculiarities once the drawing is uploaded.

All you need is to confirm the suggestion once itโ€™s automatically generated by pressing "Set" button.

Multi Scale

Kreo system is also capable of specifying the scale not only for one page, but for several pages at once. Select relevant pages of your project or its all pages as it's shown on the video below and press "Set" button.

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