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Count all the objects on your drawings similar to the selected one

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Use the Auto Count option to count all the objects similar to the selected one.

  • The option is applicable for both searching in the whole drawing and in its particular part.

  • You can search not only for elements with similar geometry, but also for items with similar text data.

  • Check all the found items with a percentage of similarity and remove unnecessary ones from your view before adding the count number to your drawing. You can also focus on the relevant item to check it in more detail.

Shortcut → 6

How to use the tool

There're 3 ways how you can enable the Auto Count:

  1. Choose the auto count icon on the toolbar. Select the area/element for which you need to find the quantity. To do this, you need to draw a new polygon. Then press the "Search" button.

  2. Select the relevant element for which you need to find all the similar objects and click on the auto count tool in the popup menu, which appears once you are choosing the relevant element.

  3. Right click on the relevant element for which you need to find all the similar objects. Then you will see the Context menu. Choose the "Auto Count" option there.

As soon as the auto count is finished, click on the "Add Count" option.

📝 Note!

  1. You can easily adjust the degree of similarity. To do this, move the slider from right to left to see the gradation from most similar items to less similar ones.

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